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Health + Safety

Keeping your baby healthy and safe is probably one of the most stressful aspects of parenting, especially for new parents. Luckily, we carry a variety of child safety products that help take the pressure off. Baby monitors let you know what is going on in your nursery even while you are in another room or even another town. Whether you’re looking for a video, audio or Bluetooth-activated monitor that you can operate with your smartphone, we’ve got a high-quality option for you. Baby proofing your home is another important aspect of keeping your little one safe. Baby door locks, corner guards and outlet covers all help ensure your home is safe and ready for a new baby. Baby gates are also available to help make your life easier, letting you block off a room or stairs to prevent falls or other accidents. We also have a wide selection of healthcare products, including humidifiers, first aid supplies, germ protection and more. We also have sleep safety products including bed rails, night lights, swaddles and other types of sleepwear. Lastly, don’t forget pacifiers and teethers to keep your baby calm and those little gums nice and healthy.