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Medela Symphony Breastpump - Store Rental Only


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Medela Symphony Breastpump

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  • Medela Symphony Breastpump
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The Medela Symphony Breastpump is available as a rental option only in-store.

The hospital-grade Medela Symphony Breastpump is an effective, efficient and comfortable electric double breast pump. The 2-Phase Expression technology of the Medela Symphony Breastpump is designed to mimic baby's natural nursing rhythm. With the added advantage of mimicking the sucking pattern of baby during breastfeeding, the Medela Symphony Breastpump is easy to use for both mother and baby. The pump action of the Medela Symphony Breastpump begins with a fast, light pattern to enhance let-down, and then switches to a slower and stronger expression phase. Mom can easily change from single pumping to double pumping at her leisure. We recommend this breast pump to mothers who are looking for a lightweight and compact alternative to the classic breast pump.

Breastfeeding is classified into two stages: After latching onto the breast, the stimulation phase begins. During this brief time, baby sucks fast and light to get the milk flowing (aka let-down). Once the milk is flowing, baby uses a deeper, slower suck to quickly bring out milk. This is known as the expression phase.

When using the Medela Symphony Breastpump, you can rest assured it is the highest quality breast pump, and even stronger than many other breast pumps.

Breast pump rental prices start at $112.98 for the required breast pump rental accessory kit and one month of rental.

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