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Ardo Calypso To Go Double Breastpump


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Ardo Calypso To Go Double Breastpump

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  • Ardo Calypso To Go Double Breastpump
  • Ardo Calypso To Go Double Breastpump
  • Ardo Calypso To Go Double Breastpump
Product Details

SKU: 24772
UPC: 814079020032

Perfect for moms on the go, the Ardo Calypso To Go Double Breastpump has it all. The quiet and gentle Calypso Double breastpump is perfect for busy moms and working moms. With 64 total setting and three different sizes of breast shells, moms get a more customized fit for easier pumping. Plus, simultaneous pumping with a double pump saves time by cutting pump time in half and may boost the ability to produce milk. Featuring a vacuum seal technology, this safe pump creates a barrier between milk and tubing, keeping mother's milk pure. In addition, the soft Optiflow massage inserts actively massage the breast to help express milk efficiently and gently. For added convenience, this on-the-go breastpump kit includes a breastfeeding bag with six milk bottles, a cool bag, a cooling insert and an Amaryll operating lever. Plus, it features a conversion handle, so the breastpump can also be used as a manual pump. Busy moms can pump comfortably with the quiet and gentle Ardo Calypso To Go Double Breastpump.

Features & Benefits:

  • Comfortable and easy-to-use Ardo Calypso To Go Double Breastpump
  • Great for working moms or busy moms on the go who pump frequently
  • Compact and quiet, perfect for working moms and moms on the go
  • 64 total settings
  • Includes: Calypso breastpump, 2 pumpsets with multiple breast shells (26 mm and 31 mm), 2 breast shell inserts (28 mm), 2 Optiflow 26 mm, brush for cleaning, bottle holder, battery compartment, power adapter, 2 lip valves (spare part), breastfeeding bag complete with 6 milk bottles, cool bag and cooling insert and Amaryll operating lever
  • Includes conversion handle so that breastpump can also be used as a manual pump
  • Soft Optiflow massage inserts (26mm) actively massage the breast to help express milk efficiently and gently
  • Simultaneous pumping with double pump saves time and may boost ability to produce milk
  • Cuts pump time by 50%
  • Suction strength (vacuum) and frequency settings (cycle) can be adjusted individually and independently from each other
  • Vacuum Seal technology protects milk from contamination and pathogenic agents
  • 3 three different sizes of breast shells ensure best fit
  • Extended 400-hour or 1-year guarantee, whichever is preferred by the mother
  • AA battery operation for use without electrical power
  • WHO Code Compliant
  • BPA-free
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Great closed system pump

I received this pump as a part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.
I rely heavily on a good pump to keep my supply while working full time. I am always nervous about...Read complete review

I received this pump as a part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.
I rely heavily on a good pump to keep my supply while working full time. I am always nervous about trying a new one and causing a dip in my supply. This pump does not disappoint!
The first time I tried the pump I had some difficulty getting the correct suction and speed. This pump does not offer the "letdown" feature that I am used to, but once I figured out the correct speeds it is easy to manage.
I really like the soft massaging inserts. They really cut down on discomfort while pumping and allow me more "free time" with my hands since they help with massage. This is actually my favorite feature of the Calypso.
One thing I am not a fan of is that the shields don't come apart and that the different sizes fit inside each other. It makes the system slightly bulky and a bit awkward. I fear the pieces falling apart mid pump.
I love the closed system type pump. I also like the soft tubing featured with this pump. With previous pumps I have used I always get condensation build up in the tubing, but that is not the case with the Calypso! Not having to spend an extra few minutes airing out the tubing is a huge time saver for me at work. As a nurse it is not easy to get away and pump three times per shift, so any way to cut back on time is a HUGE plus for me.
Overall I am loving this pump. As with anything new there is a bit of a learning curve. Once you get the idea of what speeds work for you, and what size shields work best, it is a great closed system pump for a long time "pumper".
Thank you weeSpring Parent Panel for allowing me to use and review this awesome pump!


Most Liked Negative Review


Didn't have a flange that fit, but liked the pump.

This breastpump has qualities I wish my other double pump had and lacks features I didn't know I would miss. This is the 3rd electric double pump I have used, 4th pump altogether.Read complete review

This breastpump has qualities I wish my other double pump had and lacks features I didn't know I would miss. This is the 3rd electric double pump I have used, 4th pump altogether.
What I really, really like about it is it's portability. There's not much to the pump so I can bring it with me literally anywhere. I can't even consider doing that with my Medela double pump. The only thing about using it anywhere is that the power cable is only 4 ft long so I have to set myself up pretty close to an outlet. You also don't want to set up anywhere there is even a remote amount of debris, because the tubing on it is a weird matte material and EVERYTHING sticks to it. I normally pump sitting on the edge of my bed and my tubes after only one use are covered in little cotton fuzzies.
I don't know if they are going to have other attachments available, but I wasn't able to find a flange that worked very well. I normally use a 27mm for my Medela pump, and the Ardo came with 26s, 28s and 31s. I tried both the 26 and the 28 but neither felt comfortable. They also have a flexible flange that sits within the 31 that is supposed to allow you to massage without losing suction. I like the concept, but on my smaller breasts this piece didn't get any results.
Should you find a flange that fits properly, this pump is really customizable. The Medela double I have has 2 settings: let down, and pump. Then it has a knob where I can turn up or down the suction intensity. This portable Ardo is completely customizable. It takes a bit to get used to what setting you want it on and what works best for your own let down, but once I have it right I let down faster and I can change the setting to the monotonous pump at exactly the rate and strength I want.
For pieces, this pump is hands down easier to clean. There are less pieces and they are sturdier than the Medela. The only exception is this terrible, dust-magnet tubing.
Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this breastpump!

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Great for Working Moms

By Casaundra

from Phoenix, Arizona


  • Comfortable Flanges
  • Quiet Motor
  • Very portable


  • No letdown button
  • No rechargeable battery

Best Uses

  • While traveling or at work

I received this pump as part of the WeeSpring Parent Panel and I was very impressed with it. Most pumps I have tried don't have nearly enough suction to keep up my supply, so I ended up renting a hospital-grade pump. This pump was comparable in suction and was almost just as quiet. I loved how small it was and that I could carry it around the house with me, in the car or at work. It would be a lot nicer if it had a rechargeable battery as I had to put in new batteries after only 5 pumping sessions, which is after only 2 days at work for me. The vacuum seal works well in getting as much milk out as possible, while still being comfortable with the silicone inserts. It's a little odd not having the letdown button, but once you get your preferred settings right, you don't really miss it.

  • Was this a gift?:
  • Yes

Good pump for moms on the go.

By Momto3boys

from Whittier California

I received this pump as part of the WeeSpring Parent Panel. I have been using a medela pump in style from the beginning so a closed system was different for me. The pros to this pump is that it's a closed system and you get zero condensation in your rubbing. It's small,compact and you can put it in any bag of your choice. It comes with various flanges of different size which is a plus. You can adjust the speed and suction and personally for me I had to have it on the highest on both to get it to work for me. The only downside is that there isn't a let down phase which my medela has and I felt that the suction wasn't as strong but that just may be personal preference. Though the tubing doesn't get any condensation, it does seem to pick up lint. All in all, it's a descent pump that gets the job done and it's pretty quiet compared to other pumps.

  • Was this a gift?:
  • Yes

Coverted to the Calypso

By IL Mama of Three

from Lake Bluff, Illinois


  • Closed System
  • Easy to clean
  • Quiet


  • Difficult to get the hang of at first

Best Uses

  • Pumping while kids/husband sleeps

I was fortunate to receive this pump as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel, and as a three time user of another popular pump which I liked but felt there had to be something better out there, it's been a nice breath of fresh air. I will confess that after using the other pumping system for such a long time, getting started with this pump was a bit intimidating but after a couple instruction videos and trial and error, I was off and running. There are a multitude of options / fittings to choose from, which was a nice change, as I felt as I could set just for me. I was also SO impressed with how quiet the pump was - my husband slept right through the middle of the night pumping sessions when my now four month old was just starting to sleep longer stretches at night. I'm not in an office setting this time around, but think this would have been awesome at work - much more incognito. From a maintenance standpoint, I'm a big fan of the closed system and how easy it is to clean parts. I'm currently rotating between my other pump and the Calypso to help ensure I'm maintaining supply - seems like a good balance for me. Thank you for the chance to review!

  • Was this a gift?:
  • Yes

If I had to buy a pump outside of insurance

By Mamaof3

from Fredericksburg, VA

I received this pump from Weespring for free for my honest review. I've always been lucky to be able to use Medals Symphony hospital grade pump for all of my babies, but it was always borrowed. If I had to buy a pump out my OWN pocket it would be the Calypso Double Plus. It is comparable to the Symphony with the output I was able to get. I like that it is a closed system so there was no gross liquid residue in the tubing. Being very silent helped with the take a call at work while pumping without having to stop or hope those on the other end of the line can't hear that typical "pumping song". Huge bonus... it's not bulky and heavy! You can easily travel and take back and forth to work without indenting your shoulder or needing a small suitcase. Calypso is worth every single penny!

  • Was this a gift?:
  • No

Great pump, huge improvement over others

By Caroline

from Orlando, FL

I own 2 other pumps and this is by far the quietest and smoothest. I like all the different settings, though I agree with a previous user that I wish it saved the settings. It's easy to clean (a huge bonus when you're cleaning it multiple times a day), and super quiet. I've used the pump at work, so the noise level is an important bonus for me even though I have a door. I tried this pump as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.

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